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Eco-logical paper wrap made entirely from recycled packaging boxes and post-consumer paper waste. An authentic and natural feel that supports a circular economy in a meaningful way.


Bio and marine degradable, compostable, printed using vegetable inks, Biowrap provides a strong and competitive eco-friendly solution without compromising on quality or price.

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Why                     ?

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Every business has a responsibility to reduce its impact on the environment. That's one of the reasons why we have developed a sustainable recycled paper wrap that replaces conventional virgin fibre graphic paper with a much stronger product that delivers your magazine or mailing in the condition intended, together with all the credentials that you need for good customer eco-optics.

Biowrap is made entirely from recycled waste packaging boxes and post consumer paper waste. Printed with vegetable inks and bio and marine degradable and compostable in line with EN13432.

By using Biowrap you help preserve forests by reducing the demand for wood logging, which itself releases amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. One tonne of Biowrap will save around seventeen trees, and the production process of recycled paper reduces carbon emissions in comparison to paper made with virgin wood pulp.

Biowrap is available plain and printed  CMYK in white and natural finish, free from optical bleaching agents. Also available in envelope form, C4 and C5 mailing wallets with or without windows.

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Brown is the new green

"The use of recycled paper is endorsed by WWF, UNEP and Greenpeace"

Greenpeace: "National and regional governments are starting to legislate to drive adoption of reuse. For example, in Romania businesses must reach a minimum 25% in their reusable packaging across all formats by 2025. France is aiming for 10% of packaging to be reusable by 2027, while Germany set an ambitious target for 80% of beverage packaging to be reusable. In addition, the European Commission has committed to reviewing their Packaging Directive to reinforce mandatory requirements, including driving design for reuse and potential restrictions on some packaging where there are no reusable alternatives"


Key Features of


Biowrap is made from 100% recycled packaging fibre, also it is OBA and bleach free. No latex paper coating that is used in graphic grades but still delivers a pleasing feel and excellent printed result. Vegetable based inks are used for the printed wrap option.


Giving a warm, natural and pleasing aesthetic appearance, Biowrap feels and looks good in natural, white and printed or unprinted. An authentic recycled product.

In comparison to graphic paper grades Biowrap has 50% higher tensile strength in cross and machine direction CD/MD ensuring your magazine or brochure arrives in the intended state. Also has excellent folding characteristics

The use of recycled paper generally is endorsed by UNEP, WWF and Greenpeace. 

Consumers are increasingly aware of which suppliers make the effort to provide recycled or up-cycled solutions such as Biowrap in the general market place.

Biowrap has been tested and approved by some of the leading fulfillment companies in the UK, who also comment at the excellent folding characteristics and machine productivity.

Yesterday's paper makes for a better tomorrow
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"Unsustainable pulp and paper operations continue to drive tremendous impact on our world’s forests."


"From tissue to office paper, catalog paper and packaging, the pulp and paper industry uses a significant amount of all industrial wood globally. The logging of so many trees for the pulp and paper industry can have devastating impacts on our world’s forests and our climate.

The pulp and paper industry has ravaged tropical rainforests, degraded old growth and intact forests, spurred social conflict, harmed endangered and threatened species, and driven the rise of plantations replacing our natural forests."


"The rise in e-commerce and the switch from plastic to disposable paper-based packaging has sparked unsustainable growth of the pulp and paper industry."

Lumberjack in Forest

The Range 



Authentic and natural brown

Available printed CMYK one or both sides

High tensile strength and excellent folding capability

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Premium quality white one side and natural reverse

100% bio-marine degradable

Available plain and printed CMYK 4/2

High tensile strength and excellent folding capability

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Stock of White and Natural held in 360mm and 480mm width reels

1200mm dia / 76mm cores

Large quantities available on request

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